Nail Designs Easy! We Promise!

Are you sick of seeing the same single-tone nail colors all the time? Well, there is nothing to worry about as we're here to assist you with these nail designs easy for everyone!

We've put up a selection of easy nail designs that you can try yourself without wasting your time and money by going to the salon every other day. Even if you're not an accomplished nail design artist, you can make your nails look like a masterpiece with our guidance.

Painting your nails has become a popular beauty fad in recent years, and it can turn your nails into a masterpiece of art. Furthermore, it isn't as difficult as you would imagine it to be!
nail designs easy

You don't need to spend a lot of money on those high-end products and tools. All you need is a little inspiration and some assistance from our article.

So let's get the easy nail design party started! Here are some of the best and most simple DIY nail art designs that will have people asking, "What's the big deal?"

Below we've compiled a collection of the top easy nail designs so that you can keep up with the latest fashion trend regardless of your skill level or inventiveness.

Black and White pattern

This delicate manicure pattern is straightforward to create and is the perfect summer nail trend.

Begin by painting your fingernails with the base coat. Then make a lovely design with a pointed marker. Easy!

Zigzags and Stripes

nail designs easy

This lovely nail design may appear challenging, but trust us when we say it's a lot easier than it seems! All you'll need is a pair of scalloped scissors and some black and white nail paint.

Cut the zigzag or scalloped design onto scotch tape with shearing scissors. Let your nails dry after applying a green color. Place the tape on the nails so that it sticks, and use the second color to complete. Voila!

Floral Nail Wraps

While nail wraps can be scary at first, they're perfect for when you're in a hurry or don't want to deal with the complexity or inconvenience of performing an intricate at-home manicure. Scratch coverings are available in a range of abstract designs.

To apply, choose the appropriate size for each nail, apply them by starting from the base, wrap the end around the tip, and file them off. After that, finish it with a topcoat.

French Manicure Asymmetrical

While the classic French manicure is making a resurgence, it's fun to give it a modern twist. Apply the nude shade on your nails to get this done, and then tips can be created with a black striper polish.

Clean, crisp lines are easier to accomplish with the super-thin striper brush than larger, heavier nail polish brushes. For this surprising but simple effect, keep your palm firm while dragging the brush at the tip of your nail.

Polka Dot

Nail Designs Easy

Is it a Dalmatian, a cow, or something else? Two polishes, tape, and a striper brush are all you'll need to create this spotted polka dot manicure, no matter what animal it reminds you of.

On two nails, you can use scotch tape to create negative space. The spots can be made in the end with the tip of a striper brush. It is a total game of experimentation, but the results are worth the experiment.

Black Diagonals

This look is for those who desire a simple yet unique nail design, and it's incredibly easy to achieve!

Place a piece of scotch tape diagonally on your nail. Apply a black color. Allow the tape to dry before removing it.

Floral Nail Design

This summer manicure design is ideal for brunches and picnics, and it will catch everyone's attention.

Begin with applying your base coat and then forming the red circles with a Bobby pin.

To finish the pattern, carefully paint some green color on the sides of the red circles for petals.

For a longer-lasting effect, use gel nail polish to create this design. Enjoy this stunning nail art for up to three weeks by using a UV lamp to ensure each nail is completely dry.

Start by filing off the initial coat of gel nail polish when it's time to remove it. Then, add ten cotton balls drenched with acetone on each fingernail and wrap them in aluminum foil until all the nail polish can be easily wiped off.

Metallic Design

This look is a mix of punk rock and chic, and it's one of our top DIY nail designs.

Start with a dark base coat. Then carefully wipe the metallic paints from the bottle's top. This ensures that the bristles are visible when you apply them to your nails, giving them a jagged, metallic appearance. On top of your base coat, apply a layer of silver and gold paint.

Easy Paint Splatter

With the use of a straw, you can create this paint splatter nail design. Apply a base coat to the nails first.

Then cover the outer part of your nails with scotch tape once they're dry to keep your fingers from getting splattered. To splatter the polish onto your nails, dip a straw into some nail polish and bow from the other end.

Easy Fishnet Design

Nail Designs Easy
A loofah can easily be used to create a fishnet nail pattern. To begin, apply a single base color to your nails.

After that, polish your nails again by placing a loofah. Use a different color of nail paint this time. To finish the appearance, add some glitter.

Easy Matte Nails

By creatively adding eyeshadow to your nail lacquer, you may easily create a DIY matte nail varnish.

To get started, dust some eyeshadow into a container. Using the nail paint brush, thoroughly blend the eyeshadow with the nail polish. Apply the matte nail polish that you made on your nails to finish the easy nail design.

Two-Toned Nails

Two-toned nails are one of the most beginner-friendly nail designs on our list.

As a foundation coat, start with dark-colored nail paint. Then, on the top center of the nails, apply a single swipe of white nail paint.


Summing it up, these are some popular easy nail design ideas for your next summer manicure, whether you're a budding nail artist looking for your next design-oriented challenge or just looking for a new color to paint your nails.

Now that summer is almost here, grab your favorite polish and get painting before it's time for fall. For more daily updates and latest trends, follow our Instagram, and don't forget to visit our website.

Author: Sara Kamran

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