15 Bright and Sunny Nails for the Spring Season

Welcome the long-awaited season of sunshine, flowers, and everything green and warm with these 15 bright and sunny nails for the spring. The lovely and vibrant colors in these spring nail art designs are bound to make the season all the more invigorating.

nails for the spring season

1. French Tips

Give French tips a modern twist by opting for a rounded shape instead of a square. To add a fun twist to this classic style, replace the good old white color with a warm-toned peach or a rich deep brown.

Nails for the Spring Season

You can also opt for a dusty warm lavender/purple shade, a light periwinkle color, or pastel-colored squiggles to make the nail art more alluring.

2. Bold Colors and Glitter

Is intricate nail art not for you? That's fine. Add a pop of glitter on your ring fingernail with a gorgeous champagne pink color top coat. Make sure to use bold and bright colors like deep mulberry, classy yet bold red, and charming cherise for the base to recreate a beach vibe and celebrate the return of daylight savings time.

3. Rainbow

Give your base colors a "pride" vibe by using different colors on each finger. You can also create bright, optical swirls or apply thin colored strips to take your rainbow game to new heights. 

nails for the spring season

If you're looking for a more beachy vibe, consider using rainbow colors to create a colorful inner tube smack in the middle of your nail. Find nail polish sets that resonate with your personality at Jolie Vegan.

4. Flowers

Stickers with ornate blooms can turn drab nails into true works of art with minimal effort. If you're feeling creative, merge different patterns to create chic and sophisticated designs.

If you're a beginner, consider keeping it simple by using the end of a bobby pin to create beautiful daisies with light muted pink or a dusty warm lavender/purple shade to be in sync with the floral trend. It's chic, minimalistic, and easily done.

5. Cherry on Top

Made with heart-shaped cherries, this deep burgundy red, olive green, and classic white creation is a sight for sore eyes. Add some rhinestones and stars to bedazzle your nail art and create dimension. It's fun and flirty done right and beautifully.

6. Sparkles 

Coat all your nails with a glitter-packed polish to pack an alluring impact on your nail art. After all, there's no such thing as sparkling too much!

7. Smiley Face Nails

Feeling happy? Let your nail art match your mood with smiley faces. Paint them on your nails using a light pastel yellow shade to welcome summer. Consider getting a stenciled tip for a bold, classic, and edgy spin if you don't want to cover your entire nail with a smiley.

8. Glitter Orbits for the Win

Apply beautiful champagne pink orbits outlining your nail to add a muted sparkle to your mani. Layer it with a romantic dusty rose pink to achieve eye-catching results.

This design is the perfect middle-ground for those who don't want to cover the entire nail with a glitter-based polish. Sport this dainty and attractive design without diverting focus from your cute spring outfits and swimsuits.

 9. I Heart Nail Art

Love animal prints but don't think they're appropriate for the spring? Take the trend up a notch by replacing leopard and zebra prints with tiny painted hearts. Use warm-toned peach as your base and combine classic white with true black to create beautiful heart designs. You can also experiment with other colors.

10. Geometric Shapes

nails for the spring season

The world of geometric-shaped nail art designs is filled with possibilities. Whether you're a novice or an expert nail technician, you'll always find shapes that contrast beautifully with your base colors. For example, a nude, light warm beige will complement a deep, rich brown color really well. You can explore other nail polish sets here to mix and match your way through nail art.

11. Pastel Clouds

Apply a pastel purple base or a light, icy blue as a base and spruce it up by creating clouds with a classic white nail color. Keeping your head in the clouds and staying on cloud nine just became way more stylish.

12. Strawberry Nails

Nothing screams spring nail art better than fruit-inspired nails. After applying the burnt sienna red shade as a base, cover the top of the nail with carefully painted leaves of olive green or calm mint green. Now, add dots with a classic white shade to recreate the berry look. You can also experiment with other fruit-infused looks to maximize your nail art possibilities.

13. Sandy Beaches

Marbled nails created with light, icy blues, rich, deep browns, and other beach-friendly colors highlight the beauty of spring. Your nails can remind anyone who looks at them of glorious beaches, warm, soft sand, and sunshine.

Perfecting this nail art is simple, even for beginners. Start by painting a neutral base coat and spice it up by dipping your fingers in water to create a swirl effect.

14. Sunset Beach Nail Art

Intricately detailed waves, palm trees, and beautiful sunsets can be yours with vibrant colors like olive green, blood orange, and warm-toned peach. These hues dominate this nail art and bring everything we love about the ocean together in one design.

15. Asymmetric Tips

Go all out with asymmetric tips, or opt for a single line that stops at the midpoint of your nail. What you get is a next-gen French manicure nail art design. Use colors like bright coral pink and light pastel yellow. Finish it by experimenting with different tip styles and level up your nail game.

For more spring-inspired nail designs, visit Jolie Vegan's Instagram account. Once you've chosen a design, browse through our impressive collection of chemical-free nail art supplies to "nail" the perfect spring look on our website.

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Author: Keren Dinkin

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