Top Trending Summer Makeup Looks 2021

Summer is finally right in front of us. Sunshine, relaxation, and leisure time! Nevertheless, the change of seasons means bringing your spring beauty trends into your go-to summer makeup look: nothing significant, just a few alterations to blend in with the hot weather and current trends.

There is a beauty trend for everyone, whether you are a makeup novice or a minimalist beauty fanatic. These summer makeup trends are about to match with your approach to beauty throughout the pandemic, no matter what your makeup routine is! 

These trendy summer makeup looks are the ones you'll love to wear throughout the hottest days of the year, from graphic and bold liner to rosy cheeks. These top summer 2021 makeup trends are everything you need to know if you love light makeup or a full glam look.

Summer Makeup Looks

Blushing Cheeks

This spring and summer blush is more popular than ever! So what better way to enjoy it than by wearing a lot of it? For a lovely, lifted impression, dab a cream or liquid blush across your cheekbones and toward your temples. 

Even if you haven't been outside in days, a touch over the bridge of your nose will give you a sun-kissed look.

Apply rosy-colored cream blush to the apples of your cheeks, then blend it into your cheekbones and gently into your temples. Finish with black mascara on your eyes.

Bright Colored Eyeshadows

Summer Makeup Looks

Don't be scared to wear colors that you wouldn't normally wear in the summer. Eye makeup that is pleasing to the eye is likely to become more common in the future. So it's time to experiment with color in your makeup regimen this summer and truly express yourself. 

Use vibrant eye colors like green, yellow, orange, and red for a confident look. To create a unique look, you can use a single shade or a blend of various hues.

Dewy Skin

This summer, it's all about the "less is more" trend. People will go for lighter-coverage makeup to enable their skin to breathe. 

When applying a light foundation for a no-makeup appearance, use a wet beauty blender sponge to stipple on the base product while your skin is still somewhat damp from moisturizer. 

It does not have to be everywhere; it only has to be where it's needed, such as in regions where discoloration or spots are present. For a dewy but natural-looking finish, use a bright blush on the cheekbones.

Elongated Eyeliner

Although the cat-eye is a longstanding beauty style, it's all about the elongated fox eyeliner style or razor-sharp straight wings this summer to make the eyes appear longer. 

Summer Makeup Looks

Glide your liner slightly upward and beyond the outer corners of your eyes. If you're wearing eyeshadow, smudge it to blend, and don't forget to apply eyeliner to your inner corners as well for a complete makeup look.

Satin Lips

Satin lipstick, which is neither glossy nor matte, is the most practical approach to do a lip for summer makeup looks. If you wear a mask, the color is less likely to melt and smudge, and these lipsticks have nourishing components that keep lips soft.

Black Eyeliner Smudged

Remember how fascinated you were with eyeliner in high school? Well, It's back, and it's much smudgier than before. 

Summer Makeup Looks

Grab your pencil and outline both your upper and lower water lines for the most effortless eye makeup. Blink a lot to get that lived-in look, and then layer on the mascara, and you are done.

Graphic Liner

A graphic liner is one of those makeup looks that looks much more difficult than it is, especially when the designs are rounded. Begin by softly tracing your shape with a brow pencil, applying just enough pressure to make the pencil visible. 

Once you've finalized your shape, use micellar water and pointed cotton swabs, wipe up any imperfections, and use a brown cream liner to trace it over.

Glossy Lips

We might expect bold, vibrant lips to make a victorious return in 2021 after so many individuals ditched lipstick in 2020. But, instead, it's a simple trend that levels up any outfit while also brightening your complexion and mood. 

For a winning look, use a sparkly, purple-tinted gloss and match it with fluttery lashes and a pop of highlighter.

Summer Makeup Looks

Flushed Lips

Blurring out pink lipstick will give an elusive look. It's stunning. The stain that looks like you just ate a Popsicle. It's a no-fail look for spring and beyond when paired with luminous skin and fluffy brows.

Metallic Colors

This summer, expect a lot of sparkle and glam in your makeup routine. A stunning metallic finish on your makeup is a simple and easy method to add drama to your look - it's like your beauty bling. 

You can use metallic cosmetics on the face, lips, cheeks, and even brows if you want to be daring. Take inspiration from the HBO show, Euphoria. 

Summer Makeup Looks

Two-toned liner

When it comes to liner, you don't have to choose just one hue. Two or more shades are twice as pleasant. Keep the lines sharp for a more graphic style, or use a watercolor feel by blending the colors.

BONUS: Rainbow Nail Art 

The fun trend on social media and celebrities is pastel light rainbow manicures, which are major in spring/summer. Use a different shade of color from the same palette on each nail, and we recommend using vibrant pinks because it's rainbow manicure season. 

Summer Makeup Looks

It's a quick and straightforward way to spruce up a plain summer manicure. Try using colors you may otherwise not. Predictions say greens, emeralds, bubble-gum pink, and various blue shades will be popular this summer. Get ahead of the trends and get your ultimate manicure done today!


Beauty lovers previously thought Summer makeup should be lighter, fresher, and more minimal than in the past in the past. The new school of thought is that now is the time to play with your makeup more unless it becomes uncomfortably hot or you can't stand up on the subway without leaving a puddle of sweat on the seat.

There's nothing like summer to make you want to go out and look your best, and these killer summer makeup looks are ready to help you showcase your best this summer. 

We hope this article helps you out in choosing your best go-to summer makeup look. Don't forget to visit our website to get the updates and follow our Instagram account for more fun posts!

Author: Sara Kamran

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